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Thank you for visiting my page! 

My name is Lina Shuliar.

I am live in New York, USA.
I have been tattooing for over 12 years and have developed my own style. I call it DARKLORE as a part of the Darkwork style, because I collect everything mystical and folklore in it, giving it a dark and gothic atmosphere.  In fact, I just draw everything I love through my own prism of darkness, because since childhood I adore antiheroes, mythology, fantasy and horror movies. 
Since the style of my work is woven from myself, being born in the Asian part of Russia in a godforsaken place, I absorbed the cultures and traditions of China, Japan and Korea from an early age, but I also have German roots that go deep into Europe.  Perhaps that is why, by studying these countries and their folklore and studying myself in this, I am transforming my special style in tattooing.
I use a technique called “whip shading” in Europe and “paper shading” in America.  This technique allows me to do the most contrasting and large projects in a short time.

My favorite part of the job - people.  Different cultures and personalities that I met, stories that I heard about their life path.  It's great to see how they change over time, how they grow as individuals.  I love to  live in America because here you can meet  people from everywhere, it's like an endless flow of cultures and traditions that you can't meet in any other country.  And since I draw my inspiration from folklore, here I learn a lot of new and interesting things, for which I am very grateful.

The best topic for me to tattoo is a characters from mythology or a game/ manga - no matter for me :) if I know the story and characteristics of a character, I can do the best result in details and concept. 
I also like to make Japanese-themed tattoos, because I read a lot of books on this topic in the past and I’m understand this strange and wild lore 😅 even more fun for me is the creation of chimeras and other animals and creepy creatures. 

It is very important to me who comes to me.  I love to communicate with my clients and find out what they like and what they want.  The psychological aspect is just as important to me as the creative one, in my opinion, when you reach a certain level in tattooing, technically it is very important to pay attention to service and customer relations.  For me, a tattoo is more than just a picture on the skin, I'm used to interacting with a client at the level of pleasant communication, not just a service rendered, as most shops in America provide.

I am very grateful to everyone who chooses me and trusts me as an artist.  many thanks to those who have already worked with me and continue to work to this day, I love you very much. ^^


I travel a lot to tattoo conventions and shows as a jury and just a participant.  At tattoo festivals, I do the most difficult work for which I receive trophies and support from sponsors.

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