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I am happy to announce that I am working on the book about the style I work in - Darkwork.

This book will be available on Amazon soon and will be in print by Spring 2024.

A link to download will appear on this site, and pre-order of the printed version will be available in early autumn.


This book will also be available for purchase at conventions, the list of which I update on my instagram.

Darkwork tattoo style is a relatively new trend that has gained popularity in recent years.  It is characterized by dark aesthetics, eerie atmosphere, mysticism and folklore in design.  

Darkwork tattoos draw inspiration from various cultural elements including Western and European culture, Japanese mythology and horror, and pop culture.  Esoteric symbols, mythological creatures, the use of shadow and negative space are all important elements of Darkwork tattoos.  The lack of strict rules and elements allows for artistic expression and creativity, which makes Darkwork an exciting and unique tattoo style.  

According to Hellogiggles magazine's '6 Top Tattoo Trends for 2023 and How to Find the Right Artist' article, Darkwork tattoos are #1 in demand and popularity in 2023.  The book is also planned to contain a collection of the most significant artists as a significants of this trend and those who influenced its development as an independent style.

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